General Information SEKAM Video

SEKAM Video is the Dutch Collective Management Organization (CMO) for Audiovisual Producers. The foundation (re)distributes remunerations for the use of audiovisual works with respect to two forms of exploitation:

Private copy
According to the Dutch Copyright Act anyone it is allowed to make copies of protected audiovisual works for personal use without consent of the producer, provided that he/she receives an equitable compensation for such copies. The remunerations for private copying are collected by the Dutch Foundation Stichting de Thuiskopie. Part of these funds are distributed to SEKAM Video for payment to, i.e. redistribution among the producers of audiovisual works.
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Public Lending
Producers are entitled to receive a compensation for public lending of their works. The Dutch Foundation Stichting Leenrecht collects remunerations for the lending of protected works at public libraries and other lending institutions. It distributes part of these funds to SEKAM Video for payment to the rightful producers of audiovisual works.
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SEKAM Video (re)distributes all collected income according to its Distribution Regulations approved by Stichting Thuiskopie, Stichting Leenrecht and het College van Toezicht Auteursrechten (CvTA, Supervisory Board Copyright) established in 2003 to supervise all Dutch CMOs.

SEKAM Video operates on a non-profit basis. Revenues generated from exploiting the copyrights of audiovisual producers is (re)distributed in full to producers after deduction of funding for social and/or cultural purposes and collective and administrative costs.

The one-tier Board of SEKAM Video consists of three supervisory members, who unanimously appoint the executive board member. Two supervisory board member, including the chairman, are appointed on recommendation by NCP (Nederlandse Content Producenten) and one member by NAPA (Nederlandse Audiovisuele Producenten Alliantie).

For all operational matters, SEKAM Video relies on the services of SBF, an administrative service center working for all CMO’s  of audiovisual producers in the Netherlands.
SEKAM Video is a member of Eurocopya (European Federation of Joint Management Societies of producers for Private Audiovisual Copying). The organization is affiliated with the MPA (Motion Picture Association of America) and with several European CMO’s.


Supervisory board
Edwin van der Veen – chairman
Arie Landsmeer – treasurer
Jacqueline Gerritsma – secretary

Executive board

Gamila Ylstra

 Board assistance

Alexandra Parie


Office address
Oostenburgervoorstraat 94-96, AMSTERDAM

+31(0)20 6765 088

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